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    Help TEG to deliver changes.

    TEG believes in unity, we can do much and impact many to support people with disabilities.

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    Help TEG to deliver changes.

    Support us to continuing delivering our projects to marginalised communities y by Pius,TEG founder.

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    Help TEG to deliver changes.

    “The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it’’ by Mother Teresa

About Us

Tengeneza Generation (TEG) was founded in 2011 by a group of young people passionate about local and sustainable development. In 2014, it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Here at TEG, we believe that youth leadership is the key catalyst in the delivery of sustainable outcomes for our communities.
We have identified three key areas for development in our rural communities:
1. Diminishing natural resources which help to nourish the community both physically and economically.
2. Discrimination of marginalised groups including those with disabilities or albinism.
3. A lack of awareness of the importance of sustainable living and the impact the environment has on socio-economic growth.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to facilitate positive transformation at the community level, leading to active local participation in effective development programs which are inclusive and respectful of local culture. Our values of freedom,creativity and hard work guide us in all that we do.


By 2025, our mission is to build sustainable projects up to 100 locations and engage over 20,000 local young people in the active participation of project upkeep, along-side our network of national & international volunteers.

Our work

All our activities are delivered at the heart of our rural communities, by local young people who are active agents for change. We also get support from, and work alongside, different organizations and individuals - both local and international. These include NGOs; government institutions; the private sector; and community groups all of which have a vested interest in delivering sustainable development in our rural communities. TEG feels duty-bound to play a leading role in assisting rural Tanzanian communities and and around Morogoro to develop economically and socially.

Our focus areas are:

- Youth Voice
Aim of these focus areas it to ensure applied solutions to youth participate and to have a constructive engagement in development programs. TEG believe and think helping youth supporting youth will not just create an active citizen but will also provide sustainable human resources who can protect the planet we are living today. TEG will promote the importance of Inclusion of young people in planning, organizing and implementing development programs especially those living in marginalized areas and young people with special needs like young people with disabilities.

-Sustainable and Engagement of Community and Natural resources.
Tanzania is rich in natural resources from forest to water bodies, We believe through protecting our nature we can save its biodiversity with providing solutions that are environmental friendly to the community both social and economic. This by engaging with the local government, community, individual and organizations.

-People with Disabilities (PWD) and Old People (OD).
People with disabilities and old people both men and women in Tanzania face different challenge especially discrimination and stigma to people with disabilities ,Old people tend to face poor health service, poor living standards especially in their centers and .It’s a group of population which isn’t receiving support. We intend to help them through engagement with different stakeholders to support old people and people with disabilities initiatives to promote good health, wellbeing, their economic and rights

Our Projects

Tupendane Project

Tupendane is a Swahili word which means “let’s love one another “. This project was initiated in November 2014 with the aim of donating sunscreen and other equipments to people living with albinism and help fight discrimination against people with Albinism in Tanzania.

So far we have raised Tsh 120,000 through social media, which was donated to the victims of attack(people with albiniosm) in Bugando hospital, Mwanza.

We have donated 500+ sun creams to protect 100 children with albinism from contracting skin cancer. Other donations include boxes of clothes (long sleeves) and corn flour and sugar which we donated to PWA charities: Under the Same Sun Tanzania, Buhangija Disability Centre, Tanzania Albino Societies (TAS) Dar es salaam, Shinyanga and Morogoro. Read more
In May 2017, TEG won a grant worth 11,000,000 shillings (5000 USD) from the Diplomatic Spouses Group to Tanzania (DSG). The grant enabled TEG to purchase and donate an Everest V5 Braille printer to Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School in Dar es Salaam to promote quality education to blind and visually impaired children. Read more

MAMA project.

This is joint organizations project between Rau Eco- Cultural Tourism (RECTE), Tengeneza Generation (TEG) and Masengota Safaris Company Limited.

The main aim of this project is to protect Tanzania’s Natural Resources. This project provides training and experiential learning opportunities based on natural resource management (effects of deforestation, climate change and protecting of Wildlife/biodiversity) to children in schools, youth, and the community at large. Our achievements so far include;

We have succeed to raise 11,000 sapling of indigenous trees include Ox stigma Msoo, Miliciaexelesa which are more than 200 years old and can only be found in Rau Forest Reserve. We have provided training in schools and communities on natural resource management and managed to reach 500 students at MjiMpya Secondary School (under Root and Shoot Club) and 200 community members.

We have built a campaign with youth student leaders through the establishment of 10 workshops across Universities and colleges throughout the Morogoro and Dar es salaam regions. These workshops successfully partnered with local youth groups from UNESCO youth group; Enterprise Coaching and Development (ECD); Green Icon; Rau Eco – Cultural Tourism; Masengota Safaris Company Limited; and Raleigh Tanzania Society.










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Fundraising is a great way for you to both support our work and gain valuable experience!

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    TEG welcomes donations from individuals, groups, corporations, organizations and foundations in the following forms:
  • ● Cash
  • ● Cheques
  • ● Mobile Banking Transfers: Airtel Money +255 788 274 454
  • ● Bank Account: 3004211209678, Bank Code 3004, Swift code: EQBLTZTZ
  • ● In Kind Donations (e.g. clothes, computers, hospital beds, construction materials, medical tools, educational tools, etc.)

Partner with us

TEG welcomes individuals and organizations to work together with us to deliver sustainable change and create opportunities for people worldwide.
Please contact: info@tegtz.org


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Support us by offering your time and/or expertise by becoming a part of our activities. Please get in touch to discuss the different ways that you could get involved in delivering the change.

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